Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

Little Red Hat ... From What Ever Era

I wore this outfit 10 days ago to a flea market. No surprise. ... 40s blazer: Class of Berlin store // WWII dress: eBay // belt: thrifted // modern shoes: flea market // 40s-50s purse: flea market // 30s-40s-50s hat: Arkona Platz Flohmarkt, Berlin // 40e reproduction brooch: Belle Lurette, Etsy

Two weks ago I found this hat on the flea market. It was sold as a 50s hat. Originally it came with a huge feather decoration on teh pointy part. Sadly I had to remove it, because it got a little fuzzy over the years and made me look like a dead chicken was sitting on my head. And again, this hat is confusing to date. I can wear it two ways ... sometimes it looks more 40s-50s, then it looks almost as it was from the 30s ...
What do you think?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Great dress. I love how you styled it!

Polyester Princess hat gesagt…

What an adorable outfit, whatever era the hat is from. It's a great find. xxx

Mrs. Muffin hat gesagt…

Aloha meine Liebe,
Du weißt ja eh, dass ich ein riesiger Fan deiner Hüte bin <3
Einfach herrlich und die Farbe gefällt mir gut, den hätte ich mir auch angeschafft ;-)

Alles Liebe aus dem Ruhrpöttle


Tanith hat gesagt…

It can be so hard to date hats! I would have guessed 50s for this one at first glance, but it is fabulous no matter what, and I love it without the feather. It is such a sweet shape it works just fine without it.

The Style Crone hat gesagt…

Like you state, the era for this hat is difficult to determine. However, it looks fabulous on you, and that's what's important. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!