Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Best Dress-ed: The Queens Of Pattern-Mixing

The three girls from beckerman bite plate are the most exciting mixers of patterns, I've could found in the worldwidefashionweb.
Their are pairing everything you might think of - or even not. The outfits are boldly amazing, stunning, gorgeous!!! Big checks hit off with florals... tiny dots fall in love with flashy ethnic 80s prints... everything is possible and every combination works fabulous in a edgy way.
I shoudn't talk only about patterns because the girls' mixing of colours, fabriques and fashion decades are highly impressing, too.
If you are going to visit the blog of the beckerman's sisters you should also pay a visit to their own designs. I'd be very happy, if I could get their beautiful clothes somewhere in germany... because I fell in love with the black blouse with the white dots Samantha is wearing on the picture at the top and the check dress Cillianne is wearing at the bottom... The silk scarf from this years summer collection with the piano look is beautiful, too..
These girls are very much talented!
I think, I don't need to crown the queens of mixing (not only) patterns, because Samantha is already wearing a light purple one - as you can see on the first picture.


Vanessa hat gesagt…

I love that jumpsuit you are wearing. I love vintage finds. You should check out my blog too.

wardrobeexperience hat gesagt…

@vanessa: I'm so sorry but that's not me wearing the jumpsuit... It's one of the fab beckerman's sisters!