Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

Inspiration From The Past // Late 30s // Part 2


The Grande Dame hat gesagt…

These are so fantastic... I love that the bias cuts of the 20's and shoulders of the 40's are making themselves known throughout these designs too. The traditional styles in the 4th pic are great to see.

Abendstern hat gesagt…

Oh, ist das schön :) Die 30er sind wirklich soooo toll!
Was ist das für ein Heft? Ist der Schnittbogen dabei?

Danke fürs Zeigen :)

Liebe Grüße!

Rainbow Gatherer hat gesagt…

I loved them !

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

These are all so very, very magnificent. Generally speaking, my favourite fashions of the 1930s are those from the last two or three years, as the styles became a bit more defined in the waist and suits started taking on more of an early 40s feel (because such styles tend to work a lot better on my figure than most from the earlier 30s). I have a cute tartan dress that I bought last year which the seller listed as 50s, I think is actually 40s, but can easily be made to look late 30s, so it really is a handy piece for outfits channeling the spirit of any of those time periods.

Thank you for sharing these fantastic fashion images with us, honey!

♥ Jessica

Emalina hat gesagt…

Such lovely inspiration, thank you!

Mary Lou hat gesagt…

wunderschön! mir haben es ja vor allem die Abendkleider angetan, in ihrer eleganten Schlichtheit, die schmale shiloutte oben und die ärmelchen, find ich ganz ganz schön!
wünsch dir ein tolles Wochenende!