Samstag, 10. August 2013

Inspiration From The Past // August 1961

i found this little sewing magazine with some others in a antique store somewhere in washington state ... i  really like the dresses from the early 60s. please excuse the wrinkles in the pictures but they have been there already when i found it.


Heidi Dewhirst hat gesagt…

Such pretty styles x

Sarah hat gesagt…

I just love old sewing magazines, I have a few sewing books from the 60s and I love looking through them for fashion inspiration. The one you found looks great! x

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

By and large, I'm not one to go in for 1960s fashions very often myself, but when I do, it's some of the hyper feminine looks of the early years of the decade that I'm most likely to emulate. Looking back on them with modern eyes, it almost seems hard to believe at times that they existed in the same decade as so many MOD, boho and counterculture/hippy fashions. Talk about a juxtaposition of styles!

♥ Jessica