Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Office Girl ... Checkeres & Plaid

this is a more casual oufit for work - colourwise ... i wore it last week on a day without having any visitors at the office  ... cardi: primark // super light cotton dress from the 50s: made in berlin store // shoes: from my mum // vintage bag: flea market // 50s souvenir brooch: ebay ... it was raining on the way home ... the tip of my shoe is still wet in the picture ....

another outfit i wore on a day without visitors ... so i was able to mix plaid ant two tone shoes ... top: old mango (actually i refound it in my flea market bag) // 50s skirt: made in berlin store // belt: from my mum // handmade petticoat: ebay // shoes: deichmann // straw bag: flea market

i love checkeres and plaid ... some of you might be bored of my little red-green-black plait skirt, which is one of my everyday favourites ... but the brown and green checkered dress is brand new to me. this dress is one more reason to find the perfect dark brown leather shoes ... 

tomorrow i have a long work day at the fair for my company ... so, i got to go ... and, my granny goes back to hospital tomorrow. this week will be the surgery.


Mrs. Muffin hat gesagt…

Ohh ich liebe die schwarz/weißen Schuhe, sehr sehr hübsch:-)
Gab es die schon vor längerer Zeit bei Deichmann? Falls nicht, muss ich doch nächste Woche glatt mal dort vorbei schauen ;-)

Jenny (Singing Bird Vintage) hat gesagt…

I love these looks! So chic and professional but still very fun.

Also, I hope your Granny's surgery goes well. :) *hugs*


cherre henderson hat gesagt…

Love the outfits and they are perfect for visitors as well. You always look beautiful. Best wishes for your grandma.

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Fantastic outfits!!! I especially like your charming plastic novelty brooch (what city does it depict?).

♥ Jessica

Vix hat gesagt…

Two fab outfits! Love the monochrome shoes.
Sending Granny lots of love for a successful surgery. xxxx

Perlchen Noir hat gesagt…

Auch wenn ich mich nun längere Zeit nicht mehr zu Wort gemeldet habe: Jedes Outfit von dir ist wunderschön und alles passt vorzüglich zueinander.

Oh ich weiß nicht, wie du es schaffst immer so tolle Sachen zu finden *-*

Liebst, dein Perlchen Noir

christine hat gesagt…

Ich bin begeistert von deinen Outfits....... dir stehen die schwingenden Teile ausgezeichnet.