Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

Inspirations From The Past // Late 40s

I haven't posted a IFTP-post for a while now. Not that I ran out of vintage magazines, I just didn't have the time to take pictures and edit photos. As my summer travelling plans are now cancelled due to my surgery from last week ...  I finally have plenty of time to work on way back planned and then abandoned posts like these. 
Luckily I feel better everyday now and I feel strong enough to do a stroll to the kitchen on my own, warm some food and finish some computer work. Yeah! Tomorrow the doc will take out the stitches of my belly ... Blahblahblah. Hopefully I will be back on my feet soon.

I don't have many informations about the pictures from the fraction of a magazine I post today. It's  a more strange, uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing story behind it. This fraction was part of a collection of knitting patterns from 1935 up to the early 60s. My American husband found those on a local flea market.  Doesn't sound so special so far ... But the patterns and magazine parts were collected in a official office folder from the nazi era, with the topic -translated into English- saying: Public Supply. He bought it for 1€, because he wanted me to get the old patterns and he was so curious about the folder itself, as he is not good in speaking German, especially reading old German letters, he didn't know what he brought home.

But the crazy thing about it, is the actual person who stored patterns in this folder from probably the mid 30s up to the end of her life ... not caring about the actual history of this folder she kept her knitting inspirations in. Brrrrrhhh, shivers are running down my back.

We don't know anything about the history of this folder and we don't know what to do with it. We don't like to sell it, we don't want to keep it in our household and we don't want to through it away, because it's a piece of history ... The patterns are sitting with my other vintage fashion magazines and the folder is burried in the back of a cupboard.

The pictures out of this late 40s (maybe up to the earliest 50s) magazine are still absolutely adorable.


tubby3pug hat gesagt…

great images, my favorite late 40s inspiration is the movie Neptunes daughter with Esther Williams and Ricardo Montebaum it was made in 1949 and the styles are out of this world

retro rover

Björn S. hat gesagt…

Ich mag diese alten Hefte :)
Irgendwie hatten sie mehr "Seele" als die Zeitschriften heute, vielleicht auch nur meine kleine Meinung.

Wünsche Dir gute Besserung :)

Liebe Grüße
Björn :)

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

One of everything, pretty please!!! I adore pretty much all 40s fashion, but as the years spanning 1947 - 1957 are my favourite ever from a clothing standpoint, these late forties offerings are especially up my alley.

You've been in my thoughts so much, sweet dear. I hope that you're recovering positively and that August will be a kinder month to you.

Endless healing hugs,
♥ Jessica

beswingtes Fräulein hat gesagt…

Tolle Bilder und Modelle (ist das aus einer Frauenhilfe?). Besonders die Seepferdchen sind ein Traum! Kannst Du mir verraten ob die eingestrickt sind oder aufgesetzt? Da gibt es nicht ganz zufällig eine Strickschrift zu? :)

Lenzrose hat gesagt…

Die Zeitung ist toll. Der Seepferdchen-Badeanzug ist mein Favorit. Und ich kann mich Björn's Meinung nur anschließen. Das Ansehen dieser Zeitungen ist für mich immer eine Entspannungstherapie. Beim Durchblättern gehe ich gleichzeitig mein Stoffschrank durch und überlege, welchen ich für dieses Kleid oder jene Bluse nehmen würde.
Wo ist denn der Laden? Vielleicht finde ich da auch so was Schönes. Ich bin näschtes Wochenende bei meiner Tochter in Berlin. Hast du noch ein "musst du gesehen haben"- Flohmärkte, die wir besuchen könnten.
Ich wünsche Dir gute Besserung.
Liebe Grüße

Ms. Falcon hat gesagt…

@Lenzrose: Danke für das Interesse an dem 40er Handarbeitsheft.
Wie schon in der Post genannt ist es aus einem Konvolut gefunden auf einem Flohmarkt, nicht aus einem Laden ...
Aber hier einige Flohmarktempfehlungen:

Mauerpark Flohmarkt,
Flowmarkt Maybachufer,
Flohmarkt am Arkonaplatz,
Boxhagener Platz
ansonsten Googeln!! :)

Viel Spass hier in Berlin!

Tanith hat gesagt…

That is tricky and creepy about the folder. I was given a vintage hat by an older lady that has some ribbon with swastikas on it. They are black on black, so you have to look very closely and have good eyes to see them, so I'm not even sure she knew they were there, and I didn't want to ask! I don't know what to do with it!

Besides that, lovely magazine images and I hope you keep feeling better and better!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Vielleicht könnte man die Mappe in einem Museum abgeben? Nur so eine Idee.
Danke für die vielen Outfit-Fotos, die sind für mich eine Inspiration, ich schaue öfter mal vorbei.
Viele Grüße