Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

Vintage Experiences ... Steaming Might Help

What I wore to work a couple of days ago ... 50s wool dress: flea market, from a friend // belt: thrifted // modern vintage boots: eBay // 50s purse: flea market // 50s hat: Made In Berlin, Vintage Store // 50s-60s novelty brooch: eBay // vintage gloves: thrifted ...

Those who follow me on Instagram might know how excited I was, when I snatched up this dress from a vintage loving friend selling it on Mauerpark Flea Market a few months ago. After I wore it the first time, I decided to give it a full bath - often I give vintage dresses just a little underarm wash, to safe the fabric. My friend told me, that I could give it a cold handwash. This is what I did, I soaked it for a short while in the ice cold bathtub. When I took it out, I felt an even colder shock running through my veins ... the dress had turned into a short minidress/top thingy. I was about crying, I really thought it was ruined. 
As I learned from rayon dresses, I decided a few days later to steam it. It took me three long steaming sessions - but the dress is fully back! It's as long as I got it (which is already short for a 50s dress)  and I'm quite relieved and happy.
If something happens to one of your pieces, remember not to steam it as long as it's still wet, the garment has to be dry to grow back into it's former shape.


Vivi Cherry hat gesagt…

Seus looks sempre tão lindos, uma inspiração.
Casa Cherry

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Phew!!! Oh, you poor thing, I can fully imagine the wave of panic that must have ran through your soul in that moment. Fantastic job on reviving the length and saving this beautiful dress. You deserve an award!

♥ Jessica

Tanith hat gesagt…

I did not know you could do that! Great tip :)

Kaelyn Choo hat gesagt…

Still a lovely dress! :) Love your dressing table and the hats. Nice collection of hats.

Have a good weekend!


Porcelina hat gesagt…

Phew! I am glad you managed to rescue the dress, it's too beautiful. Thank you for the steaming tips - I have a rayon blouse that shrank and I haven't been brave enough to attempt restoring it yet, but now I know that steaming works I will gingerly attempt it x

Maja Ćorić hat gesagt…

..I did saw in on Instagram .. and now I'm here, to give you more praising! You are lucky to have found something in such great condition, dear.
And, yes.. steaming can hurt. A lot.
However, as my mom has told me "the most important task when sewing is ironing" :) ... have you seen how much ladies out there flaunt their dresses (and forget to iron then before?)

You look great. I hope you'll all recovered by now?

Bonita Vear hat gesagt…

Ahh! So glad you were able to save your dress! I would have freaked and had to Google what to do!! Lol! It's a lovely piece though, a great wintery look. :) ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

tubby3pug hat gesagt…

i love love love all of these looks

Janey hat gesagt…

I am IN LOVE with this dress! And that brooch is adorable!