Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

What's New On GoodyGoodyBerlin ...

1950s Studded Leather Purse ... so rockabilly!
Woolen 50s Jacket with fur trim | Size S-M
Size S-M | Italian Holiday Novelty Print Skirt
Coming Today ... 1950s Summer City Novelty Print Skirt | Size M
50s-60s Wool blend Dress In Red | Size M-L
SOLD in 30 Seconds ...
Corduroy 50s-60s Purse with wooden Handle
Wool Dress Late 50s, perfect for colder days | Size S
Adorable 1950s Velvet Wiggle Dress | Size S
1960s Suede Shoes | Size 38
1950s super soft Leather Purse
ArtDeco Powder Box | Never used
Cute1930s Velvet Purse with Bakelite Closure
This Post was actualle written quite a while ago ... I added some fresh items to it and had to add the SOLD letters to some other beautiful pieces ...
If you like some pieces, it would be a pleasure to meet you over in my little Etsy shop

If you are in Berlin, you are welcome to ask for a personal shop appointment ...


Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Marvelous shop editions! And way to go on so many sales as of late. The pieces that flew off the shelves were super gorgeous!

♥ Jessica

Alix Niyonkinzo hat gesagt…

Lovely post :)

/ Alix N,