Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

I'd Wish They Could Talk

Wore this a couple of Sundays agot to the flea market ... early 50s dress: eBay // 50s straw hat: Bahar Berlin Edeltrash, Berlin-Moabit // 60s wicker purse: girft from a dear friend // sandals: modern // 50s flower pin: eBay

This dress is really adorable. It's every thing I love....It's blue, I'ts stripedt's made from soft rayon .... But it's also full with flaws. The skirt has a few holes in the back and it has a discolouration under the arms... It still bleeds out the blue, when it gets even a cold soak ..... I'm not complaining. This is how vintage is - full of flaws, because these pieces had a life before me wearing them ... I'd wish they could talk....


Jessica hat gesagt…

Whatever the flaws might be, it presents really beautifully! I love the stripes, and the straw accessories are perfect with it.

Tanith hat gesagt…

I feel like having vintage clothing that we love teaches us to treat clothes with more compassion and forgiveness and be a little nicer to them :)

Kaelyn Choo hat gesagt…

I love your dress! So pretty.... If the dress could talk, what would you like to hear? For me, I want to know when or what was the special moment when this pretty dress was worn... Hopefully, it's a lovely romantic story :)

Have a good day!


Elizabeth g. Arthur hat gesagt…

Oh yes, if only they could talk...gorgeous dress

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

As do I. The lives of vintage items before they reach us has always fascinated me immensely. It's hard sometimes, I find, to not creation fictional backstories for certain pieces in your end. You might be a million miles off the mark, but it's fun all the same and adds even more depth to the relationships that we have with our beloved yesteryear pieces.

Splendidly pretty outfit!

xoxo ♥ Jessica

Janey hat gesagt…

This dress is simply darling! The color is wonderful, and I'm a sucker for stripes like these.

I love it when people love dresses with flaws. So often people toss them aside. And like you, I too wish garments could talk.