Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Day Of 30s Hats

Flea market outfit  ... German 50s blouse: eBay // pants: H&M // bleyle boogie shoes: flea market // 50s wicker purse: Pick&Weight Store // dark brown 1930s straw hat: flea market, Frankfurt ...

This is a look I wore the Sunday before we went on our trip to USA ... 
That day I decided to finally take this 30s straw hat for a spin. It was sitting since Easter in my room and I actually felt like passing it on to someone else ... But this day this hat wa the perfect mix and match. 
And what did I find on the flea market?! Another straw hat from the 30s!

Talking about hats ... Yesterday we returned back to my hubby's family after our trip on the Pacific coast down to San Diego. I was a little shocke when I went through my vintage finds ... mostly hats. No idea thow to bring them home safely - but I can't wait to wear them after a little fix up here and there.

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tubby3pug hat gesagt…

gorgeous hats i thnnk the 30s have some of the best hat styles

Porcelina hat gesagt…

I'm glad you kept it! And that new one is a great find too x

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Hats are something that I search high and low for when we travel, too, as I find that they're often exorbitantly expensive to have shipped to me in Canada these days.

What I usually do is stack smaller ones in side of bigger ones, sometimes using things like clean t-shirts, knickers, or scarves as protective layers between each hat. Stuffing socks and other small items inside each hat instead, and then padding other clothing around them is also a good way to go.

Wishing you guys a safe, enjoyable trip home,
xoxo ♥ Jessica

The Style Crone hat gesagt…

I love hats from the 30's. And every era really. Can't wait to see the hats that you wear that you discovered on your trip. You look fabulous, as always. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!