Montag, 6. April 2009


On sunday morning I opend up this summers fleamarket-season. Luck was on my side and I found some broochs, a necklace with hearts, a lovely 'heavy metal'-bracelet, two crazy belts, cute wallets, a leatherbag (I don't need another leatherbag actually), a summerlike 'basket' bag and - as you can see on the fotos - an old picture frame...
Needless to say some nice clothes found a new home in my wardrobe too: a flowered skirt, two blouses and an eighties blazer with short arms. The blazer is too big shouldred, so I have to alter it.. I hope my plan for sewing will work!!!

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♥ Katie hat gesagt…

Fleamarkets are just like treasure troves! I love going to them as you never know what you will end up coming home with. I adore the heart necklace