Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009

Today's Flowers...In The Sun

blouse: vintage ebay // embroided shirt: karstadt underwear // skirt: h&m, removed a big bow from it's back // belt: thrifted // uplace booties: pierre cardin vintage ebay // necklace: fleamarket // bracelet and ring: vintage


Isquisofrenia hat gesagt…

i love those shoes and the top is to die for.
you always have the cool vintage finds ever!!!

Liz hat gesagt…

lovin' it...totally!!!

Work With What You've Got hat gesagt…

Great look!

Nadine hat gesagt…

Ich liebe deine Schuhe :).

cma hat gesagt…

love those shoes..they are flawless
youre lucky..they make my legs look gross
you look fabulous in them!

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