Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

Happy Fleamarket

I spent a lot of beautiful hours on a fleamarket in my hometown. The weather showed all it's friendliness by making the weekend sunny and enjoyably warm.
I've never been to this market before, because I always missed the date. A lot of people had told me, this market would be one of the best in my hometown. So I was very excited to go there.
It was much smaller then I had expected it... but very nice.
I found two gorgeous leather bags, three belts, a small dark blue purse, a skirt with small flowers, two fantastic bracelets and two 80s blazers. One of them was woren as confirmation-jacket. It looks like a boy's school-uniform.
The second one reminds me a bit of Victoria Beckham's sharp shoulder padded blazers from balmain... I decided to remove the pads, because my shoulders are to straight to wear 'big-shoulders'. On the foto above, you see the blazer before I changed it. The boy's jacket already left it's shoulder pads, too. The bracelet I found is one of the most beautiful trinkets I've ever seen. It's colours and floral desing looks adorable. I love it! It's much prettier in reallity. The picture seems to be a little blurred, I'm sorry!
I think, I can call myself quite successful by getting my hands on all the nice goods. Can't wate to wear all this stuff....


Anonym hat gesagt…

Das hat sich ja gelohnt! Bei uns geht es am Samstag wieder los... ich hoffe, ich finde auch was tolles.

Cheryl hat gesagt…

Oh I love the bracelet, beautiful floral design!