Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Hit Me Hard

this morning i felt like wearing some old and precious friends to the flea market. 70s cardi: thrifted // 50s cowgirl dress: ebay // vintage aigner belt: thrifted //  peeptoe flats: flea market // wicker purse: flea market // head band and bamboo bangles: thrifted in the usa ... i suppose, i bought the dress, cardi, shoes and bag in 2009 or 2010 ... to be true,  i love them to pieces.
... here are today's finds

i have to say, i was pretty lucky in finding some amazing mid century pieces again ...  blue early sixties asian wiggle dress (actually i thought it would be to small, ha, it's a little too big), another early sixties dress made from waffle piqué with a romantic rose print (needs a new zipper, for sure my talented tailor will help with both dresses), a white 50s blouse with lovely lace details, a yellow late 50s blouse and ...(drum roll)... this 30s-40s lite rosé blouse in a pretty good condition (sadly this guy is actually too big for me, it looked so tiny on the hanger). ... apart fom that i got a vintage swallow pin some gorgeou old buttons and a lovely pair of shoes. sadly i recognized that the patent leather is almost falling apart not before i came home. it always does! - if you ever find me again buying vintage patent leather shoes: hit me, hit me hard!


Romy / Hippy at Heart hat gesagt…

wow, ich liebe das Tuch!

(bin dir doch nicht böse, freut mich, dass du einend Grafiker gefunden hast. meine designs sind einfach zu speziell und festgefahren. war eh eher ein versuchsprojekt, ich lebe mittlerweile vom schreiben :)

Savvy Spinster Vintage hat gesagt…

What luck you have to find such fantastic pieces! Those dresses are gorgeous! Lovely ensemble, too! :-)

Jenny (Singing Bird Vintage) hat gesagt…

Holy cow, what great finds!! I love the swallow pin and the Asian print dress. So pretty!

(Also, totally lovin' the cowgirl dress!)


Vix hat gesagt…

What scores! Love that blouse and the sweet bluebird. Love your hair like that! x

tubby3pug hat gesagt…

what adorable fine and you look beautiful

retro rover

tubby3pug hat gesagt…

what adorable fine and you look beautiful

retro rover

Jessica hat gesagt…

You look like such a honky tonk girl, I love it. :D
I hate that feeling when you find something you really like and are so blinded by your excitement you don't notice that it's falling apart. I found this amazing, hot pink, boucle dress from the 60s that was ridiculously cheap, so I snapped it up. Of course, once I got home I realized the lining was completely shredded.

Perlchen Noir hat gesagt…

Oh mein Gott...diese Fundstücke!

Ich bin restlos neidisch.

Liebst, dein Perlchen Noir

SandyS hat gesagt…

Schickes Outfit^^
Und was für grandiose Fundstücke. Kann denn dein toller schneider nicht auch die rosa Bluse anpassen? Wäre ja echt schade, wenn die nur im Schrank hängen würde.
LG, Sandy