Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

What Comes Around Goes Around

 me wearing ... vintage top: flea market // shorts: h&m ...

this is the 'making of' shoot of the pictures i took of some dresses i sell on ebay ... i don't sell true  mid century pieces there, mostely 70s/80s does 50s and other 'younger' vintage dresses ... on the day of the 'shoot' it was super hot and i was without make up and just the left over hairdo from the day before ... just sweating and working.
if you see something you like, check it out on ebay.


Romy / Hippy at Heart hat gesagt…

süßer post! viel Glück für deine Verkäufe!

wardrobeexperience hat gesagt…

oh shit, dear readers, i deleted some comments by accident ... blogger didn't reacted on my 'clicks' so i kept on clicking (let's call it 'hacking') on the button till i slipt to the 'delete' button.
i'm really sorry to have lost your lovely words. every lovely comment is welcome! :)

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

How wonderfully fun! I've been on the hunt for a similar "professional" style dressmaker's form to the one you have here for months now (ever since I decided to open my Etsy vintage shop), but have yet to find for sale locally (and believe me, I've been looking almost everyday whether online or off). They can be ordered online, but the shipping is nearly as much the dummy costs, so I'm just going to keep being patient and wait for one to come my way in person.

♥ Jessica