Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

Inspiration From the Past: Herbst/Winter 1953-54 Part II

today i share the second post with wonderful wintery fashion from 'film und frau - modesonderheft, herbst-winter 1953/54'. i'm a big lover of 50s daily fashion (surprise!) ... especially in the cold season of dresses and tops with long sleaves and made from warming materials (more surprises!). in my dreams i would wear every single piece of this post ... in real life 50s winter fashion is hard to find - or not very comfortable. the fabrics are often super heavy and horribly scratchy ... and hard to clean.
what are your experiences with true vintage winter wear?!
check out part I.


Emileigh hat gesagt…

These are beautiful!
You're right, vintage winter wear can be hard to find. I'm a little afraid to use vintage winter wear very much because it usually means wearing it out in rain, snow, etc. or wearing it very often (which usually means wear and tear!). I'm working on using vintage patterns to fill out my winter wardrobe with sewing projects!

Sascha hat gesagt…

I seem to find quite a lot of wooly vintage winter clothes here in England..... Probably due to our history of damp cottages, cold manor houses and pre historic heating systems. I actually own more vintage wool dresses than summer dresses. I've bought some wafer thin long sleeved silk undies to combat the scratch effect. 1940s to 1960s winter wool fabrics also seem to last forever and a day. I wear them daily, they get wet, dirty, rubbed....and still they keep on living because the quality is that fantastic. Some of my default search terms on etsy and eBay are " 1950s vintage wool" or "1950s vintage knit." Like the rest of you, I still need to find the money tree to finance all those possibilities :)

In the Ruins of Berlin hat gesagt…

ich hätt gern das dunkle kostüm unterm schirm :)) xxx

Ladan Ladanu hat gesagt…

Ooh, these are good. I love the variety of styles. That felted combo is great looking. I also love the shoes. I agree winter is a struggle to shop and it's quite nice to be able to make things instead. Modern (70s or 80s does 50s) are a good option, and less precious to wear everyday.

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Swoon!!! Goodness, these are lovely!!! I adore studying the details in vintage fashion images like these. Take the tab detailing at the waist of the bat wing cardigan-vest hybrid in the second photo. It's absolutely marvelous and focuses the eye there, giving the appearance of an extra slender waist (not that the lovely model there didn't have one already, I just mean in general). Thank you for sharing these cold weather 50s beauties with us!

♥ Jessica

Kate-Em hat gesagt…

Fantastic images. I really like the plaid skirt, dress and jacket. I would like these in my winter wardrobe.

Heidi Dewhirst hat gesagt…

It always shocks me as to how slim the waists are on vintage dresses! But these styles are beautiful, and lovely photos :)

Porcelina hat gesagt…

Those shoes in the first picture!! I'm in love. x

Maja Ćorić hat gesagt…

Me again!
I'm on a blogging rampage! :)

Seriously, I've been gone for a while (posted here and there, but haven't got the time to get into the matter) - so sorry for missing out.. I've seen all your posts, however - haven't got to comment it..

These darling images are divine. As you know, I'm in live with old magazines.. and these are perfect.. I do feel ashamed - their waists are so tiny!
I'm thinking: should I start waist-training?!


The Grande Dame hat gesagt…

Amazing... I wish I had all these pieces. The images are just wonderful