Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

Spring In November - Zweiter Frühling

hey, here are some pictures of my beautiful partner in crime (from in the ruins of berlin) and i selling at past sunday's fashion flea market ... it started as a big fun - but it turned out a little sad, because outside the venue spring started all over again and no one wanted to come inside for shopping. i sold a few things and made ok money - but i brought home almost the same amount of stuff as i left with ... and my muscles are still aching from carrieng all the boxes ... 
flea marketing is hard work - but i love it. can't wait for next outdoor season!
if you like to see some more pictures of this day, especially some details of this wonderful 40s hat, my partner in crime rocked here ... click here to check out her post.


Vix hat gesagt…

You girls look gorgeous and the stall is so inviting! What a shame the weather didn't play nicely, those shoppers don't know what they missed.
It is hard work, all that carrying and climbing stairs. xxx

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

It really, really is a lot of work, especially if you're doing all (or nearly all of it) on your own. I suspect that most folks who have never been on the seller's side of the table don't fully appreciate the great deal of labour that goes into setting up for a flea market, vintage fair or similar. Kudos to you for trying your luck with this event. I'm sorry that the lousy weather kept most shoppers away. Fingers crossed things go much better for you when the outdoor market season returns.

♥ Jessica

Mary Lou hat gesagt…

dieser post ist mir bei meinem letzten besuch entgangen! ooooh was für ein zuckersüßes Bild von dir ! ein tolles symphatisches lächeln! ihr seht überhaupt beide super aus!
lg mary