Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

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There is also a Miss Candyfloss sailor skirt and another deadstock bullet bra ... and probably some more pieces to come ...

hey, hey, here are some pieces that I posted recently on eBay. Pieces that never ever fit me or I never started the tailor work on them to make them fit ...   the two dresses are quite petite and might have some flaws ... the 30s-40s lace coat is a size S, it needs some fixing but is still a beauty! the bullet bras are 50s deadstock and quite petite, aswell. 
if you need some informations about the items in english - you are welcome to ask!


Mrs. Muffin hat gesagt…

Schnüff, schnüff, wenn ich all die hübschen Dinge seh.
genau wie das Kleid, von dem du mir erzählt hattest, ich werde leider nicht hinein passen :-(

Pink Haired Princess hat gesagt…

I still love that red dress, shame it didn't fit. That pink bullet bra is cute too.