Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

The Red Gloves, That Aren't Pink

This is what i wore last sunday on a little stroll over the flea market (came home empty handed) and later to a gig of our dear friend Trixie Trainwreck ... 90s does 40s wild silk sweater: ebay //  skirt: zara // vintage snake skin belt: hand-me-down // vintage boots: flea market // 50s hat: flea market // 50s-60s purse: thrifted // vintage plastic swallow pins:  from flea markets // 60s gloves: flea market // 50s earclips: flea market ...

There was actually a total different text waiting for you in this post ... but when I asked my man to check the text on some funny sounding phrases (it is not that easy to write in a foreign language) - we started argueing about the colour of the gloves like crazy.
In real they are red ...on the photos they might appear a little pink-ish.
In the end I don't even want to post the actual post anymore ... which was actually quite nice, it came with some historical informations and a little declaration of love to my man. But, well ... not after fighting about red and pink. Grrrrrrrrh.

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Sorry, I didn't made it to an Japanese inspired look.


beswingtes Fräulein hat gesagt…

Eine Schwalbe macht ja bekanntlich noch keinen Sommer, aber zum Glück hast Du ja zwei! :) Du siehst zauberhaft aus - wie immer!

ModernVintageStyle hat gesagt…

Pink or red, thy add a great pop of colour. It's made me think about coloured gloves! Kx

Jamie Rose D. hat gesagt…

I believe you that the gloves are red! Sometimes certain colors show up not quite correct on camera. Especially purple and certain pinks and reds. I think you look fantastic here though! Your bird pins are so cool!

Jamie |

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Oh no! Love, eh?! ;)

I think your whole outfit, very much including red gloves (they look red on my monitor) is fantastic and I appreciate that you still shared with us, even after getting into a spat with your sweetie over these gloves.

♥ Jessica

Rosy hat gesagt…

After all, your message is resulting equally fun, dear Lady. Love your outfit and how that beautiful sweater works so well for a 40s look. Have a lovely week, dear friend.

Jessica hat gesagt…

That's so funny. No declarations of love for you, Mister! My gloves are red! Happy freaking Valentine's Day!
Very cute, by the way. I love the brooch.

Bonita Vear hat gesagt…

I love your top and skirt ~ the look of the silk wool is making me get bad ideas like: "Yes! I should totally buy a heap of silk wool because all the pretty knitted things!"

It's kind of funny that you should mention the pink/red glove color thing; my Mister knows better than to argue about color with me, because... I'm always right! Lol. ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Eve Epaulet hat gesagt…

oh wow, das Outfit sieht sehr feminin aus!


Vix hat gesagt…

Whatever colour they are they look gorgeous, perfect with that sweet sweater! xxx

peaches mcginty hat gesagt…

Your English is fabulous! as are you! the gloves do look pink ;-) my hubs and I have also have 'colour disagreements' but I'm always right haha! x x x

wardrobeexperience hat gesagt…

thanks, girls!
happy valentines day to you all!

Porcelina hat gesagt…

My other half is red-green colour blind so we often argue about what colour something is!!

Either way, they're fab gloves, but it's the sweater that really grabs my attention, it's gorgeous. Another lovely look on you. Hope you had a nice Valentine's!

María Vega MeryShopping hat gesagt…

I love your style! Nice!