Mittwoch, 16. September 2009


I wore this outfit on sunday and monday. For monday I just changed the stripy top ... with another stripy one.
top: h&m // scarf: thrifted // pants: from my boyfriend and altered // belt: thrifted // flats: deichmann // bracelet: six
...I'm still soo tired from the fashionfleamarket/fashionwalk-event friends and I arranged last sunday. It was very hard to complete all the things for this event secondary to general work during the past weeks.
But it was worth the trouble! The fleamarket was crowned with big success!! Lots of people came to sell their old clothes and more than hundred - mostly girls - came to do their sale of the century... I think, lots of them did.
The fashionwalk showing the work of local designers and labels turned out to be a little chaotic but it was quite amazing too.
Me and my friends were selling aswell. I made quite good money... And I didn't bought only one piece. Me on a fashionfleamarket buying NOTHING. I still can't believe - my boyfriend, too. I was far to buisy to look around to find a bargain... By the way ... I have to save my money on a trip to NY!
I was very lucky to meet some bloggerettes at the fleamarket... Lydia from Les magnifiques and Katie from Weltenbummlerin: 'Wünsche euch viel Spass mit dem Gürtel und den Stiefeln!'
All things considered the event was a big success. My friends and I think about to rerun such a market-event in early 2010.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Die Hose steht dir wirklich sehr gut :).

Eyeliah hat gesagt…

Great job on a successful event! When do you want to go to NY? I went three years ago, so amazing must go back.