Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

3 Experiences...and no GLAMOUR

Belted blazer ... blazer: thrifted via beacon's closet, brooklyn, ny // belt: primark // top: h&m // skirt: thrifted // two purple tights: c&a and h&m // boots: vintage ebay // bag: thifted // bracelets: fleamarkets, thrifted and vinatge // headpiece worn as a necklace: primark // ring: vintage
roaring 60s ... woolen vintage dress: thrifted and shortend // belt: vintage // structured tights: avanti //bag: thrifted // booties: xx by mexx // earrings: vintage // ring: bb
granny's handbag ... boyish blazer: fleamarket // top: blue velvet // skirt: h&m // belt: fleamarket // tights: ?! // boots: vinatge ebay // bag: hand-me-down by my lovely grandma //bracelet and gem pendant: fleamarket // earrings: bb

Sorry, I still didn't got my hands on US Glamour magazine.... I'm still trying to get one issue these next days.

I've been asked, if I'm in Marie Claire mag, too. I don't know anything about that... Dear readers, can you tell me, am I in Marie Claire as well?! Crazy....


futurelint hat gesagt…

Love the blazer in the first outfit! That 60s dress is so cool, good call on shortening it! I love the volume of the blue skirt - so fun! I'll go check out Marie Claire next time I'm at the store to see if you are in it... if you can't find Glamour there, let me know and I can ship one to you! How exciting to be in print!

Work With What You've Got hat gesagt…

Would you like me to mail you a GLAMOUR? Email me @ erindyan @ gmail dot com and let me know if you do.

Great looks. I was very excited to see you in the magazine!~

fadetoblack hat gesagt…

bangs are super cute!

ilfashion hat gesagt…

I adore the plaid blazer! I just love your blog and your style. I've been following your blog for a while and you're outfits are georgous! I can't wait to see more.

Martwa Marta hat gesagt…

you look marvelous! i like the boots from the first presented outfit!

Indy hat gesagt…

I love all the blues and purples! The purple tights are my favorite, I think!

Isquisofrenia hat gesagt…

all this outfits are amazing like always
and yeah i saw you on glamour ,that was awesome i was like wait that is her,
congrats girl
hopefully you can buy it there!

Anonym hat gesagt…

loving these looks
fabulous...love the plaid blazer
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments, i really appreciate it!


Le Tasché hat gesagt…

Da ich längere Zeit offline war, habe ich erst jetzt von der Geschichte mit der Glamour gelesen.
Ich finde, mehr als verdient! Ich mag´Deine "andere Art" des Stylings, der sich wohlwollend von dem "Wohnen nach Wunsch" Outfits Anderer abhebt.(Ich hoffe, Du weißt, was ich meine :)).Weiter so!
Das letzte Outfit gefällt mir am besten, die Tasche ist sowieso der Traum!

The Waves hat gesagt…

I love all of these three looks. They are all so distinctively different, but they are all "you"! Can't wait to see you in Glamour, you go girl!