Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010


Yes girls, it's me in march's issue of US Glamour!
Some weeks ago two nice ladies from Glamour mag asked me to be part of a feature about weardrobe. I just had started my appearance at weardrobe some days before... because of that it was a big honour to be chosen out of 100s of amazing fashion talents there.
But I haven't seen the feature about weardrobe, yet... I'm hardly trying to get my hands on only one issue of US Glamour for days in every international magazine shop around. I couldn't find only one....
Today at one of these shops the lady told me, it would be out tomorrow...
We will see... till then I show you the image printed in Glamour.
Stay tuned!
(Hahaha, that's fun... this outfit/shot from 10/2009 reminds me of last saturday's experience... hahaha....)


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wow, congrats!

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I randomly found a scan of the page you are on here: